Bat Pest Control and Bat Removal, Bats in attic Alma MI

Bat Pest Control and Bat Removal Alma MI

Michigan Dept. Of Wildlife  # RC 881

In Alma, MI Bat Pro Animal Control LLC is a insured and licensed animal control company located in Central / West Michigan.  We provide chemical free professional bat colony removals from all types of structures in Alma, MI including churches.  Having bats in your attic is most certainly a bat problem that you never want to let get out of control.   The bat colonies multiply every year, while leaving behind large amounts of bat guano.   Some homeowners are aware they have a bat problem in the attic, but if the bats are not flying inside the house then some people feel the bats are not hurting anything, thus not warranting bat control or bat removal?  Right???......  

We believe that once a homeowner becomes educated about bats and realize how much destruction bats are creating in the walls and attic of a structure, you may think twice about ignoring a bat problem.  It is our philosophy that bats are too important for the eco-system, in turn we will not kill bats.   BatPro will not use bat traps and bat trapping techniques, as we are not bat exterminators.  BatPro will only use live bat exclusion methods to control a bats means of travel when removing a bat colony from a structure.  No chemicals for bats, No bat poisons, No Moth balls and No Ultrasonic bat pest control devices are used for bat removal as those methods are useless for removing a well established colony.

BatPro utilizes our own state of the art custom bat removal methods, to help homeowners across MI to finally achieve the peace of mind that every family deserves when you become overrun with a colony of bats. 

Why does bat removals and bat proofing cost?

Each structure has unique complexities to work with when removing a bat colony.  Like people, no two are alike.  Many characteristics of a building require dangerous ladder work at the highest areas.

When working at dangerous heights with steep pitch roofs, it is necessary to wear safety equipment such as harnesses.  When heights become unrealistic or unsafe for ladders then it is a must to use a articulating telescoping lift.

No two bat removal projects are alike, some will vary from a half day or up to a full week.  All areas needs to be addressed, as once a colony has been removed from one section of a building the bats will try to find the other areas to reenter the structure.  It is just like if you were locked out of the house, you will try to find a new way to get back in.

Bat Guano and bat urine smells are awful, especially in confined spaces, requiring us to wear HEPA full face respirators and tyvek suits.   Another good reason to not allow a bat problem to persist.

BatPro will only use solid long lasting materials to provide our client with long lasting results as there is no quick fix for bat control work.

We continuously train to provide you with best possible bat removal and bat proofing possible.

BatPro Animal Control LLC carries liability insurance.

Legitimate businesses have cost associated with acquiring and maintaining equipment for the safety of everyone.

Bat Houses available for installation in Alma, Michigan

Having a custom made bat house installed on the best possible area on your property is a great way to keep the bats on your property after we have excluded the bats. 

Although, installing a bat house will not solve any bat related issues that you may have because the micro climate, humidity and temperature is just right in your attic or walls creating the perfect place for bats hibernate.

Feel free to call us at any time, weekends included. 
We are here for you!!

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Thanks for everything that your company has done for our family!

Your guys are the best!


Ionia, MI
Jason has done bat work for me and he does excellent work and is very reasonable! I recommend him to anyone and I no longer have bats!

The Vanos family

Grand Rapids, MI

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