Central Michigan Mole Trapping, Wildlife Control

Central Michigan Mole Trapping, Pest Control Services

Michigan Dept. Of Wildlife  # RC 881

Everyone wants to enjoy a beautiful, smooth lawn for all to see.   Anyone having a Mole infestation know it is a frustrating and at times a unsightly  problem.

We have removed as many as 100 moles from one yard alone while performing our intensive mole control program.  Depending upon the size and surrounding habitat of your yard, it is quite possible we may remove    1 - 30 moles.  For that reason alone we do not offer per mole pricing, unless it is upon customer request.

Mole trapping is the most successful and practical proven method to remove moles.   Repellants, fumigants and vibrating devices have not been scientifically proven.  Grub control does not work either, since 2 / 3's of a Moles diet consist of earthworms.
We are currently serving the greater Greenville and Montcalm county surrounding area for Mole pest control and Mole removal.  If you are tired of Mole mounds and yard damage and would like to enjoy the benefits of reclaiming your lawn, please give BatPro Animal Control LLC a call. We can provide you with a monthly and/or seasonal intensive Mole control program, without the use of any poisons.

We offer various types of other services such as deck exclusions,  damage repair, waste cleanup, chimney capping, garden fencing, crown coat, gutter cleaning, tree trimming, and much more.

For any services regarding Cats and Dogs please refer to your local animal shelter. 

Feel free to call us at any time, weekends included. 
We are here for you!!

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Thanks for everything that your company has done for our family!

Your guys are the best!


Ionia, MI
Jason has done bat work for me and he does excellent work and is very reasonable! I recommend him to anyone and I no longer have bats!

The Vanos family

Grand Rapids, MI

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Greenville, MI mole trapping services.
MI Starnosed mole damaging my yard
MI Moles are creating tunnels and mole mounds.

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