Michigan Skunk Trapping and Removal Services

Michigan Skunk Removal and Trapping, Odor Control

If you are looking for a professional skunk removal service you came to the right place. 

The smell of love is in the air when you smell a skunk in late winter or spring.  Male skunks are on the move looking for females to mate with, as this is their mating season.  At times the skunks will spray under your deck or porch stinking up the entire house, hence probably the reason you are reading this. 

We highly encourage homeowners to NOT use moth balls as a skunk repellant, it is a complete waste of time and will not work.  It is actually more dangerous for your own families health then completing the task at hand.   Ultra sonic devices or any other forms of electronic pest control will not work either.  Basically if it is too easy, then it is too good to be true. 

FTC Warning: about consumers using ultrasonic home pest control.

If you are in need of getting rid of skunks for good, call a Pro; we have all of the equipment and experience to permantly resolve any skunk problem you may encounter.  We provide many forms of skunk trapping techniques depending on the situation at your location. 

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We utilize spray proof live trapping equipment to make odor less captures.

After humanely trapping the skunk or family of skunks we will determine what is the best approach for the property owner to no longer have a skunk problem again.  If a skunk has fallen and become trapped in a window well, call us; we have experience in removing skunks from those type of situations. 

If you chose not to correct the openings under a deck, porch or foundation after the skunks have been removed, you very well may experience additional skunks moving in at a later time.  In the spring time the baby skunks will be born, then will start following their mother around learning to forage for food.   When fall comes those baby skunks are now adult size and will more then likely return to where they were born for shelter throughout the winter time.  Skunks are semi active in the winter and will sleep for long periods of time.  It is completely possible that several skunks will use the same den, making several captures at one location possible.

Getting Rid of Skunk Spray and Skunk Smell Odor Removal 

When a skunk sprays under a foundation by the basement, those tear dripping smells will circulate in the entire house through the HVAC system every time the blower or furnace turns on.  For these matters we do offer a skunk odor deodorization program to help control and calm down the burning skunk smells.  If you no longer have skunk activity and the skunk smells linger on for a long period of time (several months) then it is very well possible that a skunk has died under or near the structure and the smells will remain until the carcass is removed. 

The Real Long Term Solution to Skunk Problems

We offer long term solutions to prevent reentry after the skunk control program is complete. 

Our skunk proof barrier will ensure that all of your skunk problems are solved for good.  Guaranteed! 

We will only use the highest quality and long lasting materials available to our industry when installing a critter barrier around the full perimeter of a deck, porch, or foundation.
This will ensure that all other critters, such as woodchuck, raccoon, opossum, cats, rabbits and most importantly all other skunks from entering again. 

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Michigan Skunk Trapping & Skunk Removal, We provide Odor Control!

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